Polytechnic Faculty

Electrical Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering

This degree is offered as a full time course and consists of seven semester. After completing second year students choose one of two blocks of elective subjects: Automation and Measurement ...

Materials Engineering
Department of Materials Engineering

Full time, seven semesters BEng studies preparing specialists in solid and material engineering technology. As part of the study, students can choose 1 from the 3 specializing: ...

Chemical Technology
Department of Materials Engineering

This Master degree is addressed to students who already hold BA or BEng. Depending on the completed first cycle studies, the course will last 3 or 4 semesters. The program enables ...

Computer Sciences
Department of Computer Sciences

Full time degree course lasting seven semesters. As part of the computer science course students are offered three thematic elective blocks: Software engineering focused on the training ...

Automation and Robotics
Department of Automation and Robotics

Full time, seven semesters engineering degree which ends with a diploma exam. There are two elective modules to choose from: • Computer processes of automation systems • Robotics ...

Elect. and Telecommunications
Department Elec., Telecom. and Mechatronics

First cycle studies of a practical profile offered as a full-time course with seven semesters. After completing the 2nd year students choose one specialisation from the following: Industrial ...

Department Elec., Telecom. and Mechatronics

First degree studies with a practical profile which last 3.5 years (seven semesters). The studies are interdisciplinary in various disciplines of technical sciences, such as: mechanics, mechanical ...

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Fields of study and specializations at the Faculty of Humanities: Polish Philology, Preschool and Early School Education with Teaching a Foreign Language, English Philology, German Philology, French Philology

Fields of study at the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences: Mathematics, Chemistry, Environmental Protection

Fields of study at the Polytechnic Faculty: Automatics and Robotics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Materials Engineering, Mechatronics, Chemical Technology

Fields of study at the Faculty of Administration and Economics: Administration, Economics, Social Work

Fields of study at the Faculty of Healthcare: Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Nursing

Fields of studies at the Faculty of Arts: Graphics, Design

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