dr hab. Małgorzata Kołpa
dr Małgorzata Martowicz
Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs
dr hab. Rafał Kurczab
Vice-Rector for Science and Development

We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience.


Fields of study and specializations at the Faculty of Humanities: Polish Philology, Preschool and Early School Education with the a Foreign Language Teaching, English Philology, German Philology, French Philology

Fields of study at the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences: Mathematics, Chemistry, Environmental Protection

Fields of study at the Polytechnic Faculty: Automatics and Robotics, Computer Science, Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Materials Engineering, Mechatronics

Fields of study at the Faculty of Administration and Economics: Administration, Economy, Social Work

Fields of study at the Faculty of Healthcare: Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Nursing

Fields of studies at the Faculty of Arts: Graphics, Design

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