INIA – an innovative system for analyzing speech defects by scients of the department of computer science of the University of Applied Sciences in Tarnów.

The prototype INIA (Integrated Non-Invasive Analyzer) system, the name of which the creators took from one of the species of river dolphin that uses echolocation, is an integrated, non-invasive speech analyzer. The system is based on the INIA Array device. It uses a circular microphone array and digital acoustic beamforming algorithms to precisely analyze the sound intensity distribution on the face of the examined person.

It is the only such accurate system in the world that allows, among others, to carry out: advanced analyzes of the spatial distribution of the acoustic field related to the diagnosis and therapy of speech defects such as lateral pronunciation or undesirable nasalization. The obtained spatial resolution of sound field distributions is less than 1 mm. The system can bring a completely new quality to the examination of patients with cleft palate or velopharyngeal insufficiency, in whom much less accurate and invasive nasometry is currently used – says dr eng. Daniel Król.

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